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About Us

Southeast Missouri Bootheel Duck Hunting

Waterfowl hunting pits in South Dunklin County, Missouri

Pits in Rice Fields!  We have the Mallards!

Kent S. Freeman, owner of Cotton Hill Farms and Paul T. Combs, owner of Sunrise Land Company have teamed up with Neal Bradley to provide outstanding waterfowl hunting opportunities on several thousand acres of rice fields.

Check out the Rent A Pit page to see the pits that are available for the duck season.   We only rent/lease pits for the whole season.  We do not guide, we do not allow guiding.  These are established pits, in rice fields, and are in excellent locations in one of the hottest duck hunting areas in the Mississippi Flyway.  If you want one, just holler, and we'll get you into a pit.

South Dunklin County is a major rice production area.  We grow rice and soybeans, and ducks love both!  Our normal crop rotation is about four years of rice and a year of beans and back to rice.  We are located southeast of Kennett, MO and northwest of Blytheville, AR.  Our hunting sites are just north of the Arkansas State Line, mostly close to County Highway TT, and within sight of a major refuge.

Between the Mississippi and St. Francis Rivers are thousands of acres of rice, and the largest man-made drainage system in the world.  The 11,000 acre Big Lake National Wildlife Refuge, the 10,000 acre Big Lake Wildlife Management Area managed for duck hunting by the Arkansas Game and Fish Commission, and the 4,000 acre Hornersville Swamp Wildlife Management Area managed for ducks by the Missouri Department of Conservation, are all within five miles of our hunting pits.  Reelfoot Lake, TN is only thirty miles away.  Also in the region are the St. Francis Sunken Lands WMA, and Dave Donaldson/Black River WMA, in Arkansas, Moss Island State Waterfowl Refuge, and Chickasaw NWR and Hatchie NWR in TN, and Mingo National Wildlife Refuge, Duck Creek WMA, Otter Slough WMA and Ten Mile Pond WMA, in Missouri.  As you might guess, this area is a major Mallard wintering area in the upper Mississippi River Delta.  Some estimates report as much as a quarter of the Continental Mallard Population winters in this region.

Our pits are a short distance from I-55.  There is a 5000 foot runway at the Kennett Airport, and a longer one at the Blytheville Aeroplex.  There are several motels and restaurants nearby.  And a Casino!

Just call, text, or email Neal Bradley at 573-717-9159, or nbradley@clgw.net     Take a kid hunting!

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